Revision of the Tough Stuff

1,5 hour classes online once a week

Whether you attended a German A1 or A2 course just recently or a couple of years ago, there are some tough aspects in the German language, which are a bit heavy to digest. I’ve met many advanced learners still struggling when to use haben or sein in Perfekt-tense or why to say Ich gehe ins Kino., but then Ich bin im Kino.. Although you’ve learnt all the rules behind it, during the course just wasn’t enough time to let it sink in. Does that sound familiar to you? I can assure you, using that stuff correctly will push your confidence and proficiency up to the next level.

5 classes basic*

*This course requires, that you’ve finished A1 level at minimum.

5 classes advanced*

*This course requires, that you’ve finished B1 level at minimum.

1 single class: AED 120

5 class pack: AED 500

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