German for Travellers in 12 hours

2 hour-classes once a week
5 sessions online + 1 session in person practice

In a relaxed ambience and with a lot of fun you will be able to dive in the German lifestyle by learning useful stuff to make the most of your stay in Germany. Go in to small bakeries or cheese shops to choose your favourites from a hundred varieties . Stroll about the markets where farmers offer their organic goods. Discover alternative fashion in shops beside the overcrowded city centers. Order your four-course-meal in German or just coffee and cake in the afternoon.

Please do not expect a big book full of Grammar rules or technicalities why the German language works the way it works. Instead you will learn how to make the language work for you by tackling fixed phrases and expressions. German for Travellers won’t be just a language course, you will be introcuced to the country and the German mentality as well. Your speaking comprehension will be focused and trained with role plays and pronunciation exercises to make you confident to use German during your travels.

12 hours course: AED 840

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