Corporate Training

Tailored German Language Training for social and business needs
Cultural Awareness Workshops

If you are looking for German Language Training customized to suit the language needs of your staff, I might be the one for you as this is where I have my expertise in. I use an approach that respects the cognitive availability and learning pace of your employees through practice-oriented activities. The courses are divided into modules of 24 hours; after few sessions, participants would be able to communicate in basic phrases and to ask or respond to specific questions in a simple way. The language training can be provided as group or one-on-one classes.

My course programs include tasks for self-studying to make sure all participants can review and strengthen what they learned in class. I would be happy to meet with you and learn about your company’s demand in terms of German Language Training to identify key situations, where your team would need language skills in German. In a next step, I would amplify my understanding of your training needs and work out some options how we could implement the language training into your staff’s work schedule.

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